Scientific Explorations Eight

Ages 13 to 14

Semester One

Week 1-5
Unit - Projectile Motion
Discipline - Physics
Unit Description - This unit will investigate the different factors that affect projectile motion and how these factors dictate the movement of objects around us.
Foundational Reading - Galileo on The Motion of Projectiles
Experiment - Live Lab: The factors affecting projectile motion
Writing - Essay: How are the principles of projectile motion used in the space industry?

Week 6-10
Unit - Animal Behavior
Discipline - Biology
Unit Description - This unit will investigate animal behavior, specifically looking at how organisms respond to different environments. 
Foundational Reading - Konrad Lorenz & Instinct
Experiment - Live Lab: Examining the response of pill bugs to environmental change.
Writing - Report: How can an understanding of an organism's response to environmental change be used for conservation?

Week 11-15
Unit - Respiration
Discipline - Biology
Unit Description - This unit will provide an in depth exploration of the essential biological process, respiration. Students will learn about respiration's role in life and increasingly in industry.
Foundational Reading - Lavoisier & The Chemistry of Respiration
Experiment - Live Lab: Finding the ideal conditions for Yeast growth.
Writing - Report: How is knowledge of respiration being used for alternative energy production?

Semester Two

Week 1-5
Unit - Geologic Change -- Plate Tectonics
Discipline - Earth Science
Unit Description - This unit will investigate one of earth's most essential forces, plate tectonics. Students will learn how this force shaped the planet over millions of years and explore how humans can prepare for major geologic events.
Foundational Reading - Alfred Wegener & Continental Drift
Experiment - Digital Lab: Analyzing earthquake data to understand tectonic plates.
Writing - Report: How has modern architecture responded to earthquakes?

Week 6-10
Unit - Stoichiometry
Discipline - Chemistry
Unit Description - This unit will introduce students to in depth knowledge of chemical change, focusing on the essential concept of the conservation of mass. Students will apply this knowledge to the modern chemical industry.
Foundational Reading - Lomonosov & Disproving Phlogiston Theory
Experiment - Live Lab: The synthesis of chemical compounds.
Writing - Essay: How is Stoichiometry used in the modern chemical industry?

Week 11-15
Unit - Waves
Discipline - Physics
Unit Description - This unit will explore the concept of waves, looking at how energy can be transferred through both space and mass. Students will have the chance to learn about the various types of waves and their applications.
Foundational Reading - Hans Jenny & Cymatics
Experiment - Live Lab: Investigating the ability of sound to travel through different mediums
Writing - Essay: How do waves influence my daily life?