Our Story

Studio Education was founded in 2013 on Hongmei Lu, Shanghai, by James Jobbins, an Oxford-educated British school teacher.

Studio is both a means to an end and an end in itself. It serves to support and prepare students in their efforts to pursue a wide-ranging exploratory education; and it provides – and hails - education for its own sake. Studio courses nurture the skills and attributes necessary for success in admission to and for thriving at the world’s best universities – but go so much further than that, revelling in inspiring great thinking and creativity in intellectual pursuits.

The name ‘Studio’ reflects a symbiosis of study and creativity – learning at Studio is infused with, and inseparable from, the creative temperament of conceiving, exploring, trying, and applying new ideas. Studio’s programs incorporate and go beyond memorisation, understanding, and the application of functional skills; they develop the higher order thinking skills of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis. These are the essential elements of a flourishing intellect and of creativity.