Our Teachers

Studio’s faculty consists of a range of educators, from school teachers through active practitioners in their field of expertise, to intellectuals, creatives, and academics. Their collegiality comes from a belief in the importance of intellectual and creative pursuits and an ability to transmit that belief to children and their families.

We are building a college for the world around serious, inspiring, intelligent teachers, whose intellectual energy and ability are an inspiration to us all.

Studio’s ethos of rigor and intellectual exploration, and our unremitting focus on education, make it possible for us to attract and retain the best teachers in the world. All of our teachers are highly intelligent, disciplined, enthusiastic about what they teach, and serious about children making significant intellectual, creative and academic progress.

Our teachers’ backgrounds are as varied as you would expect from a school of our breadth and ambition. They hail from Australia, Canada, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Scotland, Suriname, and the USA. Some are mid-career teachers, heads of department or supervisors in a mainstream school. Most are qualified teachers in their home country – and those who are not bring some level of experience and/or subject expertise that justifies their inclusion in our exclusive faculty. Above all, they love teaching and enjoy successful careers and  we work hard to provide them with a serious, satisfying, purposeful and intellectually ambitious culture that brings out the best in their attention to your child’s progress and brings out the best in your child’s performance.

Across all of Studio’s work around the world, around half of our teaching hours are delivered by full-time Studio teachers and the other half by part-time teachers. The best balance is where we can maintain a strong group of full-time Studio teachers complimented by specialist part-time teachers drawn from other employment. Our part-time teachers who teach for Studio Global Learning, and our UK- and US-based tutors available through Studio Education | Private Client Services, teach or have taught in British or American independent schools, including some of the most prestigious schools in those countries. Our part-time weekend and holiday school teachers based in Shanghai teach at some of the city’s best bilingual and international schools.

Studio Education are extremely proud of their faculty.