Academics at Studio

Studio Education provides transformative education, online and in-person, after school, at the weekends and during the school holidays.

We provide intellectual and creative education for young people and their families. We currently serve families internationally through our online programs and through our Studio Global Learning online-to-onsite study tours; and families in Shanghai, China, in our weekend classrooms at Hongqiao, Century Park, and Hua Cao. Our students are aged 3 to 17.

Our curriculum is challenging, rigorous and intellectually stimulating. We deliver advanced exploratory learning in mathematics, science, anthropology, geography, ancient history and literature through The Studio Academy of Liberal Arts and Studio Global Learning. We teach whole-novel literature with creative writing and essay writing in Kids Canon and Teens Canon. And we instruct drama through The Studio School of Speech and Drama.

Studio’s learning is exploratory, from mathematics to anthropology, from drama to science. From an early age, up to and into university, students are helped to learn facts and processes as the basis of thought and practice; to produce cogent and meaningful responses to challenging open-ended questions; and then to generate and deliberate on new questions themselves.

Studio was founded on the basis that every child can and should have opportunities to learn in an exploratory environment of enquiry. That means not telling children what to learn but helping them learn to learn. It means helping children to think for themselves and to construct meaning in their intellectual explorations. It means children grappling with "why?" and "how?" just as much as with "what?" It means children being given opportunities to share and collaborate, student-to-student, and being able to learn beyond what any given teacher can teach. It means children creating their own outcomes in extended projects and integrated productions, which are individually chosen and personally fascinating and engrossing.

That work of cultivating enquiry is rooted in the classical tradition of disciplined, focused, purposeful, studious classrooms, whether physical or virtual. Studio’s courses and classes are academically rigorous, growing out of a great tradition of pursuing knowledge and academic skills vigorously, in the context of open, expansive enquiry. With that rigor in mind, academic outcomes for Studio courses are in line with, and extend beyond, the best elements of formal education from around the world. At the same time Studio maintains a focus on developing intellectual and creative capacity, ahead of the limiting effects of test preparation for any particular examination system.

While we stand on the foundations of a millennia-old tradition of enquiry-with-rigor, at the same time our work is audaciously innovative. We have re-introduced essay writing (Primary English and Kids Canon) and poetry memorisation (Literature and Drama) for young children. We have created original learning materials and contexts towards new forms of synthesis and discourse (Comparative Societies and Cultures). We have both renewed the centrality of primary texts in our study of liberal arts as well as producing original multimedia resources for classical texts (The Ancient World). Additionally, we have opened our learning community to as many families around the world as possible through online learning.

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