Studio Ready

Studio Ready Program – A Brief Introduction

Studio Ready is a literature, writing, and grammar program that’s designed to get students ready to enter our main Global Learning, Kids Canon, SALA, and Drama programs at Studio Education.

The Studio Ready program will use existing reading lists for Primary English (Primary English Initiation, Primary English Beginners, Primary English Pre-Foundation, and Primary English Foundation). In addition, Studio Ready will include Scholastic grammar workbooks.

Studio Education offers Studio Ready as a private tutoring service which is offered under Studio Education | Private Client Services (PCS).

Course Description 

Studio Ready is Studio Education’s innovative and ambitious literature-based offering, delivering excellence in grammar, reading, writing, and thinking. Studio Ready, in conjunction with the reading selections from Primary English, introduces children to the canon of the most celebrated English literature, both classic and contemporary, through engagement they excel intellectually and creatively.

In a revolutionary departure from the excerpt – and anthology – based curriculums that typify primary and secondary schools worldwide, Studio Ready exemplifies Studio’s values of discipline and rigor in intellectual and creative pursuits – the hallmark of excellence in education. Studio Ready students are taught grammar skills, which they will see while reading exemplary literature, and that they’ll practice while writing their own essays and stories. Studio Ready introduces an impressive range of complex and challenging chapter books and novels encompassing a variety of literary genres, writing styles, and themes.