Private Client Services

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Mission and Purpose

The mission of Studio Education | Private Client Services is to make available expert support for families, wherever they may be in the world, wherever they may be headed, in their educational decisions and management of their learning, focused on the long-term wellbeing of the student.

Our purpose is that families may benefit in attaining their goals throughout their academic careers from the expertise, resources, planning and partnership that are made available when working with Studio Education | Private Client Services.


Introduction from James Jobbins and Sarah Jobbins, Founders of Studio Education

We founded Studio Education as both a means to an end and an end in itself. Education is a reward in its own right, helping each of us to a higher humanity.

At the same time success in each student’s academic career takes careful navigation, guidance and expertise.

To that end, Studio Education | Private Client Services serves families by providing personalised consulting and support and preparation for colleges and schools, wherever in the world you are headed.

We hope our expert schools counseling and highly-qualified specialist tutoring, across all academic areas and creative disciplines, will help you and your family enjoy and succeed in your educational journeys, through all its staging posts, into and throughout adult life.

Here’s to an exciting and fulfiling journey,

James Jobbins and Sarah Jobbins

Introduction from John Dietrich, Head of Private Client Services and Chief Consultant, USA

Through continuous assessment, personalised academic road maps, specialist tutoring and expert counseling, we work towards your family reaching all of your educational goals. Private Client Services is dedicated to improving not only academic standing but also nurturing growth, be it intellectual or creative, and to helping build capability for all students to be a force for good in the world.

I’m looking forward to helping your family succeed in all of your goals.

John Dietrich


Introduction from Camilla Church, Chief Consultant, UK

I’ve been helping families navigate the school system in England for many years and I have always taken pride in reconciling a parents’ natural instinct to find “the best school” with an attempt to find “the best fit” for an individual student.

Studio Education | Private Client Services puts the long-term wellbeing of each and every student and family at its core, believing in the benefits of good planning and hard work and of the need for human, long-term success with integrity and purpose.

I look forward to working together.

Camilla Church



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