Art History and Theory

Ages 12-15

Grade 7-9
Art History & Theory
is a 2-Unit course that is designed to give students a broad overview of visual arts practices throughout history and apply theoretical and critical application to explore various forms. The course will be chronologically ordered beginning with Prehistoric painting and sculptures up until Postmodern contemporary artists and the state of the visual arts now. The course will look in depth at shifts and changes in time from the Renaissance to the 21st Century, exploring global art trends spanning from Medieval Europe, Africa, The Americas, Oceania, Asia and the Islamic world. Students will leave the course being able to analyse global artworks using form, function and content, gain a deeper understanding of the meaning behind artworks, apply appropriate terminology to particular artworks, artists and art movements, understand traditions and explore changes and shifts within global connections and be able to recognise and identify artists and movements by time, place and materials.