Kids Canon: Behind the Scenes

by Victoria Kane

Studio’s Kids Canon classes are built around a curated curriculum of novels accompanied by study guides to help students further engage with the texts. Up until now, Studio has been using a variety of excellent study guides from a selection of trusted publishers. Now, however, we have seized the opportunity to create our very own study guides, tailored precisely to the unique design and goals of Kids Canon.

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The Visual Arts, a living language

by Neal Blacker

The notion of visual arts can often be extremely confusing to us who don’t have the “special knowledge or experience”. How do people come to understand how the visual arts play a role in our 21st century world?

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Handling Digital Distractions

by Jamie Harper-Havens

When I studied at University of California, Santa Cruz. I couldn’t believe how many students looked at additional digital text while in class (Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, etc…). We live in a world of screens, where digital distractions contend with our need to learn. Is multitasking a good idea?

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Chinese students and UK exams

by David Symington

Chinese students are game-changers. Across the world their ability to root out and find the “magic key” to exams is putting countries across the world on the back foot and making them play catch-up.

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