What Is the Use of Knowledge?

by Isaac Leaver

Although I hope that he never reads this, I have no particular qualms in saying plainly that I found my geography teacher when I was studying for my GCSEs particularly unimpressive. Perhaps this opinion is a product of the schoolboy arrogance with which I was embarrassingly imbued at the age of 16, but, nevertheless, I remember him telling me something of lasting importance only once. Whilst we were preparing our coursework one day, he projected the following diagram of ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy’ up onto the board:

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Studying Science in the Artificial Intelligence Era

by Studio International

Today’s world is already running on artificial intelligence. WeChat suggests friends and posts, cars drive and park themselves, and Amazon Go offers checkout-free grocery stores. There is almost no field that has not benefited or been affected by artificial intelligence. In times of paradigm shift, people are rightly paranoid of disruptions. We at Studio believe firmly in preparing children for the challenges of the AI era in their formative years, and there is no better pioneer to lead this initiative than John Dietrich, one of our best and brightest.

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