Studio Education was founded in 2013. Studio has 4 centres in Shanghai. Studio serves for more than 1000 families.


What is Studio?

STUDIO is about education. We are not a Monday to Friday, 9-5 school; we are an extended education

provider and learning community, trusted by educated, discerning and internationally-minded families.

STUDIO provides group classes, one-to-one tutoring, academic counselling, and study tours.

STUDIO’s mission is to be a learning community dedicated to transformative education.

STUDIO’s success is measured in the progress we see both in our students work and in their outlook.

STUDIO has structured programmes and we work with high calibre teachers and subject experts.

STUDIO was built by and is owned and managed by teachers. We know teachers and we value teachers.


Studio Focus

Reading aloud in a classroom environment with focused discussion, students are able to develop their literacy and critical discussion skills.

Writing for a sustained period of time during class, on fictional stories, non-fiction-based essays, and personal narratives, allows students to find their authorial voice and improve overall writing skills.

Literature and the Dramatic Arts allow students to understand, interpret, and integrate themes, symbols and literary devices into their own work in a way that develops and demonstrates depth and meaning.


About our Teaching Team

At Studio Education we have a diverse team of teachers from all over the world who are committed to providing students with a deep understanding of the literary arts through the English language.

Our teachers are generally certified teachers in their home countries and/or hold Masters Degrees in the fields of Education, History, English or other Liberal Arts fields.



Room 612, Hongchun Building, No. 3213 Hongmei Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, 201103, China

Official WeChat account: Studio 上海, StudioInternational

Phone number: 150 2192 4516 

Telephone: 5473 0785, 5471 1190

For more information about careers with Studio Education, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.