How to Apply

Welcome to Studio Education. Congratulations on your decision to Register with our team. After your Registration, one of our Admissions Advisors will contact you to help with your inquiry and arrange an Assessment with our Learning Consultant and Education Specialist. 

This Assessment is highly beneficial for you and your child. This helps us to fully understand your goals and your child’s current academic level and proclivities. Our Education Specialist will advise on which of our courses will best suit your child at their current stage of learning, We will be able to support you better in your long-term educational planning and decision making.

If you are interested in enrolling your child on any courses from Studio Global Learning, Intellectual Mentoring Squads, Kids Canon Online or SALA Online, or if you are interested in becoming a client of Studio Education | Private Client Services, then please register using the Registration Form below, or contact us directly by phone at +86 400-092-9688. You can keep up to date on all information from our Official Wechat account by following us at Studio上海.