Primary English Beginners

Ages 6 to 8

Primary English Beginners is a mixed discipline course, in language, literature and performance, for students at the beginning of primary school.

The reading component is based on Studio Education’s Kids Canon, in which one novel (chapter book) is studied in depth over a period of three to five weeks.

Primary English Beginners incorporates a high-impact writing program that includes essays and stories. Students will learn to compose both conventional 5-point paragraphs, and personal narratives that reflect on the concepts and themes presented in the novels (chapter books). With one genre per book, students will learn and work through the story writing process, including sentence construction, character and plot development, proof-reading, and publishing a finished product.

Speaking, oral presentation, and listening are taught through preparation for drama and speech certificates, for which students will prepare group drama performances, memorized poetry recitals and dramatized story-tellings.